Battle to be the King!

This is an alpha version of our new game . The game is still in development, please comment below to request features. All the feedback is appreciated.


  • Left/Right keys - Move
  • Up key - Jump
  • Down key - Cover
  • Space bar - Fire

Currently, we are working on:

  • New weapons
  • Multiple power level on weapons
  • CPU controlled enemies
  • More maps
  • Team game modes (capture the flag, etc..)

Click here to play directly on your browser:


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its blocked for me

some more abilities and secret rooms?

Hey i know you XD but anyway, if you look at future updates, it says that around this weekend, they will add 'the red dragon ring', unlike the blue one that gives you stronger attacks, it will give you faster re-gen. they will also make it to where you can throw more than 3 wepons at a time. but thats all i know.

thats pretty cool do you know if you could have both at the same time?

No, that's not clear yet... but it's 50/50 at this rate. on one hand you'd be to op...  but on the other hand, if you're good enough to get both than you should be able to. i hope they specify on that.


in fact, they were supposed to updated it on saturday, but they did not?

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Could you maybe create a chat function?